What is Remote vs. Self-Contained Refrigeration?

“I’m looking at a used Borgen case… How cold does it get?” We often get questions like this from a potential customer who are looking at buying a used Borgen merchandising case. In this case, a question came in via the Contact Us form on this website, but we also receive these through social media […]

New 3 Foot Self-Service Case

At Borgen, we are constantly engineering new designs for display cases that are both aesthetic and practical. Our dedicated team of engineers have decades of experience in what it takes to create a high quality refrigerated case. Recently, we released our latest product; the 3 Foot Endcap Self-Service case. Display Case Specs This durable case […]

Service Over Self-Service Case

Introducing the newest technology from Borgen Systems: the Service Over Self-Service Case. This hybrid cooling system features a closed glass service case on top and a customer-accessible self-service case below. Here are few reasons this case may be right for your business: Grocery Store Department Versatility The unique arrangement of the Gravity Over-Under Case gives […]

Q & A With Grocery Headquarters: How Borgen Cases Evolved to Meet the Needs of Merchandisers

Earlier this year, Borgen Systems’ Vice President Bill Carlson sat down with Grocery Headquarters to discuss how Borgen Systems has crafted and evolved its product line to meet the ever-changing needs of supermarket customers. In the 30 years Borgen Systems has been in business, it has expanded into a leading innovator and manufacturer of quality refrigerated […]

Refrigerated Display Cases: Deli/Bakery Edition

Have you ever wondered just what goes into a deli and bakery display case from Borgen Merchandising Systems? While innovative designs and expert engineering are the skills required to craft a Borgen refrigerated case, they’re not what makes our cases stand out from the rest. What really drives our commercial refrigeration success are the merchandising […]

Energy-Efficient Refrigeration Systems for Your Store – Part 2

In honor of Earth Day, Borgen Merchandising Systems is dedicating a two-part blog series to our environmental, or “green,” manufacturing practices. From glass and lighting to structure and coils, each Borgen refrigerated system is handcrafted for quality, efficiency, and sustainability. If you missed it earlier this month, check out Part 1 of our blog series […]

Four Economic Benefits of Borgen’s Floral Fresh Water Exchange Case

As all retailers know, the success of a floral department relies heavily on repeat customer sales. Proper management, customer engagement and education, and cleanliness are the key ingredients to optimizing profitability; however, when time is of the essence and labor is in short supply, optimal sanitary practices are often pushed to the back burner. Even […]

Display Case Study: Borgen Merchandising System’s Top 5 Customer-Driven Innovations

Whether we’re aiming to increase energy efficiency, improve ergonomics for employees, or expand product storage, Borgen Merchandising Systems is always innovating. But what many people may not realize is that our inspiration comes from our valued customers. Our engineers and craftsmen are problem-solvers and opportunity-seekers. So when one of our clients presents a new idea […]

Borgen Systems proudly announces new Northeast Sales Manager, Retail Supermarket and Floral marketing expert, Karen Leggett, to support local and regional customers’ merchandising programs.

DES MOINES, IOWA- Floral industry veteran Karen Leggett accepted a new position with Borgen Systems in September 2014. Her primary responsibility will be to support all customers in New England, Connecticut, upstate New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia to help develop sales programs and merchandising services to better meet the needs of the customers in these […]