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Packing more into less space, creating new excitement in an old space and holding on to the bottom line; the trades using merchandising display systems have entered a time of unprecedented change due to consumer expectation, industry consolidation and economic opportunities. With Borgen Merchandising Systems, our customers can feel confident in the modern design and high quality materials we apply to each display case in our product lines. Whether you are looking for floral display cases, wine display cases, deli display cases, or DekFRESH Gravity cases, we craft all of our refrigerated display cases with state-of-the-art methods.

What's New

Our latest designs and innovations.

Floral Cases

Borgen has come to be well-known for our innovative and beautiful floral merchandising systems. We provide everything from low profile cases to combination closed and open floral coolers all the way to conservatories and everything in between. Choose from our many different standard options, or work with our engineers to design a custom display case to suit your needs.

Deli / Bakery Cases

Borgen expanded into the world deli an bakery in 2005. A customer requested an alternative to other refrigerated display cases on the market. Borgen responded with our high class, modern refrigerated deli display cases and bakery cases

Wine Cases

The Börgen line of wine cases includes low profile, open, and door cases which have expanded into hundreds of retail chains and numerous private clubs and homes. Börgen wine cases give you the capability to merchandise at the highest capacity possible, all while attracting your customer’s interest. Choose from our many different styles and layouts, or work with our engineers to create a case that is customizable to suit your style, space, and needs. Restaurants, clubs, and supermarkets who choose Börgen will receive stylish, functional wine displays made with superior materials and vigilant attention to detail.

DekFRESH technology™

DekFRESHtechnology is an innovative case cooling system that improves food safety for refrigerated display cases by eliminating areas of possible food contamination. DekFRESHtechnology does not have the same structure you are used to seeing. The usual tank under the deck has been eliminated. Instead, the floor of the case has a built in cooling system. With this change in technology come many important benefits.