Borgen History

Our roots - a simple idea evolved into crafting the highest quality display cases on the market

Getting our Start in the Floral Cases Industry

In May of 1987, we took our first refrigerated case to the Food Marketing Industry (FMI) Trade Show in Chicago. While showcasing our early display cases, which initially held food products, a retailer proposed an interesting idea to Borgen – he was very interested in our display case, but he wanted to convert its purpose into holding flowers instead of food products. We accepted the opportunity to expand our capabilities and began the task of crafting a floral refrigerator that addressed the main issues of the time. We sought to engineer solutions to the pressure on blossoms held in refrigerated display cases that were produced by temperature, humidity and air velocity so as to minimize the shrinking of flowers in floral displays.

Expanding into Deli & Bakery Cases

This pioneering spirit has led us to take on challenges that help us expand our expertise into other merchandising systems. For example, in 2002 Borgen Systems was approached by a customer and asked to solve a design and quality issue for them by crafting a line of deli and bakery cases. After extensive research and collaboration with professionals in the deli and bakery industries, we delivered our first series of bakery and deli cases slated for retail use.

Experience the Borgen Systems Difference

The Borgen Systems commitment to excellence is a pledge we have taken seriously throughout our existence. We focus on constructing each of our bakery, deli, floral and wine display cases with top of the line materials and advanced designs. We like to think that this, along with our drive to provide the best customer service possible, is what has propelled Borgen to be the most requested merchandising system manufacturer in 65 of the top 75 supermarket retailers in the United States and Canada.

Let Borgen Systems show you the difference it makes to work with a company built on passion for design and quality when you have us craft your next merchandise display system. Whether you connect with a system we have already dreamt up and built or you have a custom design in mind, Borgen Systems has the drive and experience to produce the display you want.