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Packing more into less space, creating new excitement in an old space and holding on to the bottom line; the trades using merchandising display systems have entered a time of unprecedented change due to consumer expectation, industry consolidation and economic opportunities. With Borgen Merchandising Systems, our customers can feel confident in the modern design and high quality materials we apply to each display case in our product lines. Whether you are looking for floral display cases, wine display cases, deli display cases, or DekFRESH Gravity cases, we craft all of our refrigerated display cases with state-of-the-art methods.

  • 1 Door 2-Bay Combination P7512
  • Open combination flower display with bay windows - Borgen Systems
  • 1 Door 2-Bay Combination P7512
  • Open combination flower display with bay windows - Borgen Systems

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1 Door Combination Cases

One door combination floral cases come with a variety of options:

Height: Available in standard height (81″) or super height (91″)

Depth: Available in standard (36″), 30″, or 42″

Length: Choose any length of open case to combine with the doored section (total case length not to exceed 15ft – cases over 15ft will be built as two separate cases)

Layout: Door sections can be on the right or the left of the open section

Hinging: Left or right

Bays: Zero, one, or two bays

Shelving: Combination cases allow for the same shelving options as in the stand alone versions

Fresh Water Exchange: Borgen’s fresh water exchange system can be added to the open section

Standard case drawings below – request a drawing from your sales rep to show any of the options from above.

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P7342 1DR 3FT Combo OCUP7512 1DR 2BAY OPEN 45 RIGHT GE OCU
P7545 1DR 4FT RGT CMB OCUP4296 1Dr 3.25ft Open Left Combo
P4091 1DR 4ft Open Left ComboP4586 1DR 2Bay 45 Right Combo
P2411 1DR 2Bay 45 Left ComboP4469 1DR 5ft Open Right Combo
P4729 1DR 5FT Open Left ComboP4493 1DR 6ft Open Right FWE Combo
P6690 1Dr 8ft Open Left Combo