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Packing more into less space, creating new excitement in an old space and holding on to the bottom line; the trades using merchandising display systems have entered a time of unprecedented change due to consumer expectation, industry consolidation and economic opportunities. With Borgen Merchandising Systems, our customers can feel confident in the modern design and high quality materials we apply to each display case in our product lines. Whether you are looking for floral display cases, wine display cases, deli display cases, or DekFRESH Gravity cases, we craft all of our refrigerated display cases with state-of-the-art methods.

  • Neighborhood Fish Market
  • Seafood - Wakonda
  • Neighborhood Fish Market
  • Seafood - Wakonda

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Service Gravity + DekFRESH technology™



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    Service Gravity + DekFRESH technology™

    Gravity cooled service cases useing DekFRESH technology™ makes food safety easier and more efficient. Great for your meat, and seafood departments. Fast and easy to clean using the lift-up glass front, ensuring no hidden or hard to reach areas, leaving the case as fresh as the products you merchandise. Great LED lighting and large sight lines ensures every product can be seen.

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    P7156 12FT Deli Gravity DFT RMTP7155 8FT Service Gravity DFT OCU
    P7154 6FT Deli Gravity DFT OCUP7153 4FT Deli Gravity DFT RMT
    DekFRESH Clear VisibilityDekFRESH Broch 2212