The meat department is a continuous draw for shoppers, with many customers choosing their main grocery store based solely on the quality of the meat department! How do you make your meat and seafood department stand out? Display your fresh product with the best refrigerated meat cases. It’s not enough, however, to simply invest in a modern refrigeration system. You must maintain and market the meat case to maximize its sales potential. Here are three ways to differentiate your meat cases from the competition.

Keep the Meat Case Clean

People basically buy with their eyes. Whether it’s a full-service, self-service, or open meat case, if it isn’t clean, customers won’t be buying. The tops of the meat cases should be dusted regularly and any meat drippings or residue within the case should be cleaned every day. A clean meat department reinforces consumers’ confidence in your store’s brand and aligns with the fresh product that is sold. Meat departments that are clean and fresh are what customers expect; anything less will draw negative attention to the department and could have an adverse impact on the whole store. Meat department cleanliness starts with the visual appeal and overall condition of the meat case.

While it’s imperative to thoroughly clean the meat cases regularly, the reality is many retailers simply do not have the time or labor to devote to deep cleaning the refrigeration equipment. Borgen Systems’ meat case with DekFRESH technology™, however, dramatically reduces cleaning time. What you see is what you clean, meaning there is no deck to lift and no tank to clean. Simply clean the top of the deck, rinse the glass doors front and back, and get back to selling fresh meat in no time.

Cross-Merchandise the Meat Case with Other Products

Meat sales generate even more store revenue when paired with condiments, sides, or beverages to create the whole meal. Borgen Systems manufactures custom refrigerated displays that are flexible enough to be grouped together and cross-merchandised; our meat cases have unlimited customization possibilities.

Showcasing related items or complementary items in the same space makes it that much easier for customers to make suggestive sell or impulse purchases. Cross-merchandising possibilities are endless for meat cases with DekFRESH technology™. Listed below are just a couple examples of the cross-merchandising capabilities of Borgen meat cases. A lower shelf displaying the perfect wine or beer pairing with a specific cut of meat is one of the best merchandising opportunities for retailers. An additional shelf inside the meat case displaying smaller cuts, marinated meat choices, or proportional selling is another great way to offer a variety of different meal options to your customers in one convenient location. And if your merchandising plan allows, the interior shelf can be used to promote and suggestive sell highly profitable compatible entrees.

Borgen Systems Meat Case merchandised with beer and wine.

This meat case merchandises compatible beer below burgers and franks while pairing wine below quality steak cuts.

Meat Case with DekFRESH technology cross-merchandises with compatible entrees.

Borgen’s meat case with DekFRESH technology cross-merchandises with compatible entrees. Glass dividers help prevent cross contamination.

Don’t Neglect Seafood Cases

The seafood department can be a challenge for many retailers in that it is one of the departments most susceptible to shrink and consumers’ lack of confidence when it comes to food preparation. But the seafood case offers many opportunities for growth. According to Progressive Grocer’s 2015 Retail Seafood Sales Report, well over half of all respondents reported sales gains of 4 percent, and that number is expected to grow.

To reduce shrink and effectively sell more fresh product, supermarkets need the right equipment. Borgen Systems’ seafood display case with DekFRESH technology™ keeps product fresh for up to two days longer than traditional display cases. Relative to food safety standards, there are fewer places for bacteria to grow, so fish and other seafood items maintain high standards and consistent temperature providing a fresh, appealing, “just caught” appearance for the consumer. Plus, retailers can customize their merchandising in these display cases to encourage better customer interaction and education on simple food preparation.

Borgen Systems Seafood Case with DekFRESH technology

This seafood case offers food preparation suggestions to help educate consumers. Notice the beer and wine merchandising for this case as well!

The meat case can be one of the greatest assets for a food retailer, as one of the most profitable perishable departments in the store, bringing in more revenue not just for the department, but for the entire store. Supermarkets that have tried meat and seafood cases with DekFRESH technology™ have reported an average increase in sales up to 21 percent.

So what are you waiting for? Contact your Borgen representative and install a meat or seafood case with DekFRESH technology™ in your store.