Seafood Display Cases: How DekFRESH Technology™ Combats Seafood Department Challenges

In honor of the Seafood Expo in Boston this month, we’ve decided to shine the spotlight on seafood departments. With more consumers seeking healthy dietary choices, fish and other seafood have become the go-to protein alternative to beef and chicken. Despite sales improvements in seafood departments just in the last couple years (Progressive Grocer reported […]

How Borgen Systems Helps Grocery Stores Meet Consumer Demands for Sustainability

It is no surprise that consumers expect more from the grocery stores they frequent. Shoppers are becoming increasingly more aware of and concerned about the environment, including wasted resources and food, pollution, and ecological issues. In 2012, FMI reported that 50% of consumers rated sustainability as very or somewhat important to them when choosing a […]

2016 Shopping Trends in Supermarket Meat Departments

The North American Meat Institute Foundation, Food Marketing Institute, and Sealed Air Food Care recently released the 2016 Power of Meat report. Based on this year, the future is bright for both supermarket and meat department sales. When retailers hone in on shopper demographics and their specific needs as consumers, everybody wins. It’s important for […]

How Your Meat Case Minimizes Food Waste & Attracts More Customers

As sustainable practices become more prevalent in the supermarket industry, grocery shoppers also have a heightened awareness of the environmental impact their dollar can have. Consumers are expecting more from the food they purchase and the companies they purchase from. It is no longer enough for grocery retailers to provide the products and brands customers […]

How Gravity+ Display Cases with DekFRESH Technology™ Revolutionize Retail Refrigeration

If you manage a grocery store or meat and seafood department, what would make your job easier? What would help make product last longer? What would improve food safety and keep your customers healthy and happy? Borgen’s Gravity+ case with revolutionary DekFRESH technology™ is the perfect solution to optimize your customer’s experience while maximizing efficiency. […]

DekFRESH technology™ Cooling System

DekFRESH technology™ is an innovative case cooling system that improves food safety for refrigerated display cases by eliminating areas of possible food contamination.   DekFRESH technology™ does not have the same structure you are used to seeing. The usual tank under the deck has been eliminated. Instead, the floor of the case has a built […]