When we released DekFRESH technology™ one year ago, we explained how the new display case would revolutionize supermarket merchandising for meat and seafood departments. After a year of testing and market research, the numbers are in. Enlarge the infographic below to view all the data and feel free to use the embed code to share on your site or social media channels.

Benefits of DekFRESH Technology

DekFRESH technology was created first and foremost out of a need to improve food quality and safety for meat and seafood departments in supermarkets and grocery stores. While consumers are loyal to stores that maintain high standards of quality, supermarkets directly benefit from adding DekFRESH technology to their meat departments.

Supermarkets that use DekFRESH technology have reported the following benefits:

  • Up to 21% increase in sales
  • Up to 15 hours a week in saved labor
  • Up to 2 days of increased shelf-life for fresh meat and seafood products

Get DekFRESH Technology in Your Store

If you’re ready to strengthen customer relationships and increase meat and seafood sales, give us a call. DekFRESH technology will also be available soon for deli cases.

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