As sustainable practices become more prevalent in the supermarket industry, grocery shoppers also have a heightened awareness of the environmental impact their dollar can have. Consumers are expecting more from the food they purchase and the companies they purchase from. It is no longer enough for grocery retailers to provide the products and brands customers want; supermarkets must prove they have their consumers’ best interests at the forefront, which in many cases includes demonstrating their commitment to protecting the environment.

Shopper Perception of Food Waste

According to a 2014 Harris Poll food waste study, 8 out of 10 consumers said they would feel more positive about stores that try to reduce food waste. That same survey also revealed shoppers are more concerned about food waste than some other environmental issues such as air pollution and water accessibility, with 63% of shoppers concerned about the amount of food wasted in the United States.

Even though more food is wasted on average in the consumer’s home than in retail stores, most shoppers don’t perceive themselves as contributing to the food waste problem. With a little in-store education about food waste and the right equipment to combat the issue, supermarkets can solidify themselves as the store shoppers choose to frequent while also reducing shrink and selling more product.

DekFRESH Technology™ Improves Safety and Minimizes Waste

Meat case with DekFRESH technology designed to keep food fresher longerThe Borgen Systems meat and seafood case with DekFRESH technology is no ordinary refrigeration system. Created out of a desire to improve food safety, DekFRESH technology helps reduce food waste by the principal of maintaining constant temperature with no fans which will keep meat and seafood fresher longer. Preliminary reports show that grocery stores that have implemented DekFRESH technology have kept meat and seafood fresh up to two days longer than in traditional cases, and they have reported an increase in sales up to 21%.

The secret is in the case’s streamlined design. Borgen Systems has eliminated the cooling tank to minimize the number of places bacteria breeds. Eliminating the tank not only reduces bacterial growth, but it also makes the case more energy efficient. With cooling coils built right into the deck of the case, product stays uniformly cool and fresh. There are no assist fans that can dry the product and reduce shelf life. Additionally, the deck is the only surface that needs to be cleaned, which reduces downtime for the case during routine maintenance and cuts down on labor up to 15 hours a week.

Sell More Product and Foster Customer Loyalty

Deli case - DekFRESH technology soon available to keep deli product fresher longerSupermarkets are always seeking ways to operate more efficiently, reduce shrinkage, and increase revenue. DekFRESH technology helps food and retail stores accomplish each of those things as well as strengthen relationships with customers. Food safety and the quality of the product is significantly improved with DekFRESH technology, and this new case design is environmentally friendly on more than one front: reducing food waste, improving energy efficiency, and being manufactured with sustainability in mind. Demonstrating a commitment to food safety, product freshness, and environmental protection builds trust between retailers and consumers, which will keep them coming back to your store.

After observing the success and popularity of DekFRESH technology in meat and seafood departments, Borgen Systems is bringing the case to the deli as well. Ask us about our new case and get DekFRESH technology in your store.