If you manage a grocery store or meat and seafood department, what would make your job easier? What would help make product last longer? What would improve food safety and keep your customers healthy and happy? Borgen’s Gravity+ case with revolutionary DekFRESH technology™ is the perfect solution to optimize your customer’s experience while maximizing efficiency.

How Does DekFRESH Technology™ Work with Gravity Display Cases?

Traditional refrigerated cases have a separate tank beneath the deck where the food is displayed in order to keep the product cold. Borgen Merchandising Systems, however, has integrated the DekFRESH technology™ cooling system into the deck of our Gravity+ commercial display cases. The cooling coils are built right into the floor of the gravity case, eliminating the tank underneath. Whether your seafood and meat department prefers open service cases or closed service displays, the gravity cases from Borgen utilize DekFRESH technology™ across all meat and seafood cases.

What Are the Benefits of a Gravity+ Refrigeration System from Borgen?

Standard commercial display cases with refrigerated tanks are more costly to run and may jeopardize food safety. Food does not remain as fresh for as long and the tank is an extra space for bacterial colonies to grow and thrive. The Gravity+ refrigeration system with DekFRESH technology™ eliminates these health hazards while improving overall operating efficiency and customer interaction.

Commercial refrigerated case with tank

The tank in this refrigeration system causes the unit to run less efficiently and creates more space for bacteria to grow.

Gravity+ case with DekFRESH technology™ from Borgen

By eliminating the tank, the Gravity+ display case keeps food fresher longer and runs much more efficiently.











Longer Shelf Life for Food Product

DekFRESH technology™ does not require fans to keep food cold, cooling the product instead with quiet, gravity-fed air. Because the Gravity+ case cools the product in true gravity fashion, food remains fresher for longer periods of time. Product does not dry out as quickly as it would with forced air from conventional display cases. The longer shelf life for food product allows more opportunities for customers to shop while also increasing profitability.

Improved Food Safety

Food particles get trapped in tight nooks and crannies and provide the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and other microorganisms to grow. When the products for sale are in such close proximity to these microbes, it becomes a serious health hazard. By removing the refrigerated tank and replacing it with DekFRESH technology™, there are no vents or hidden spaces for food debris to accumulate. Food remains fresh, clean, and safe for shoppers to consume.

Borgen Gravity+ case with doors open for cleaning

Doors on the Gravity+ case with DekFRESH technology™ open wide to make cleaning and selecting product easier.

Easy to Clean

Since there are no tanks or hidden compartments in the Gravity+ refrigerated system, what you see is what you clean. Nothing needs to be removed and put back together when employees clean the case, saving time and improving productivity. The DekFRESH technology™ floor is a smooth, virtually indestructible display surface that is easy to clean and maintain.

High Energy Efficiency

In the Gravity+ display cases, energy is not required to refrigerate a tank which will then cool food product. DekFRESH technology™ cools food right from the deck, making it much more efficient to function. Energy-efficient refrigeration is not only good for the environment, but it also comes with the added benefit of lower operating costs.

Gravity deli case with a tank cross-section

Diagram of 8′ gravity deli case with a tank.

Drawing of service Gravity+ case without a tank

Diagram of an 8′ service display case with DekFRESH technology™.

Open service gravity case drawing

Diagram of an 8′ open service case with DekFRESH technology™.











Better Customer Engagement

The Gravity+ refrigerated display case with DekFRESH technology™ comes with LED lighting, which makes for a striking visual impact. Customers who are drawn to the meat and seafood department because of the DekFRESH technology™ Gravity+ case are more willing to deviate from their shopping list, resulting in more sales for retailers. Additionally, the streamlined design has smoother sightlines, allowing customers to see more product. A part from customer engagement, these same features allow employees better access to the product and easier cleaning.



Every benefit of the Gravity+ refrigerated system is aimed at providing a better customer experience while increasing operational efficiencies for retailers.



Why Should Supermarkets Be Interested in Borgen Refrigerated Display Cases?

Borgen Merchandising Systems adheres to stringent standards of quality, never cutting corners, so retailers and consumers receive maximum benefits. Engineering commercial refrigerated cases that help supermarkets and other food retailers serve their customers better while reducing operating costs is what Borgen is all about. Once you’ve tried the Gravity+ case with DekFRESH technology™ for your meat and seafood products, ask us about our other retail refrigeration systems. From deli and bakery cases to wine and floral coolers, Borgen Merchandising Systems brings quality and excellence to commercial refrigeration.