DekFRESH technology is an innovative case cooling system that improves food safety for refrigerated display cases by eliminating areas of possible food contamination.


DekFRESH technology does not have the same structure you are used to seeing. The usual tank under the deck has been eliminated. Instead, the floor of the case has a built in cooling system. With this change in technology come many important benefits.


Streamlined Design with Smoother Sightlines

Improved display area allows customers to see more product. The same improvement allows employees better access to the product and easier cleaning.


High Refrigeration Efficiency

Not refrigerating a tank.


Better Food Safety

No vents or hidden spaces for food particles to accumulate.


Ease of Cleaning

What you see is what you clean. No pans to be removed and cleaned. The floor itself is a smooth and virtually indestructible display surface.


Fresher Product

Due to quiet gravity fed air, this new technology does not require fans to keep product cold. Product remains fresher with less drying than conventional forced air.



All of these benefits reduce operating and maintenance costs.