It is no surprise that consumers expect more from the grocery stores they frequent. Shoppers are becoming increasingly more aware of and concerned about the environment, including wasted resources and food, pollution, and ecological issues. In 2012, FMI reported that 50% of consumers rated sustainability as very or somewhat important to them when choosing a primary store. That same study found over 20 percent of shoppers consider corporate sustainability practices when deciding whether or not to purchase from them. With the ever-increasing emphasis on locally and responsibly sourced products, it’s safe to predict that sustainability factors will continue to influence consumer purchasing behaviors in 2017.

Sustainability is important to Borgen Systems, too. We’ve just launched our most energy-efficient product yet, gravity cases with DekFRESH technology. Borgen is also proud to be a leader in environmentally friendly manufacturing processes so we can continue to help retailers meet consumer demands for sustainability while protecting our planet’s resources.

New Design Improves Energy Efficiency & Reduces Food Waste

Borgen’s streamlined design for DekFRESH technology allows for two main advancements in sustainability: energy efficiency is improved while food waste is reduced.

DekFRESH Technology Eliminates Cooling Tank

Our most energy-efficient case yet, the gravity case with DekFRESH technology has completely eliminated the cooling tank. Coils are built directly into the deck to provide uniform cooling throughout the case. Without the large cooling tank to consume energy, deli, seafood, and meat cases with DekFRESH technology are much more efficient than traditional cases. Eliminating the cooling tank introduces another advantage: there are fewer spaces for food particles and bacteria to get trapped that can lead to spoiled food.

DekFRESH Technology Minimizes Food Waste

Patent-pending DekFRESH technology minimizes food waste by reducing the number of places bacteria can grow and thrive. With DekFRESH, what you see is what you clean. Rather than going through the laborious process of cleaning the deck, lifting the cooling deck, and cleaning the tank beneath, all employees have to do is clean the deck before replacing product to begin selling again. Stores have more time to sell fresh, safe food, with preliminary reports showing that meat and seafood stays fresh up to two days longer. This prolonged freshness has also contributed to an average increase in sales up to 21 percent.

Environmentally Responsible Manufacturing Processes

With every case we build, we aim to make it as energy efficient as possible for our retail customers. We also strive to use sustainable building products when manufacturing our refrigerated display cases.

Gravity Convection Coils & Cooling Deck

Borgen Systems’ gravity case with DekFRESH technology uses both convection coils and a chilled deck for uniform cooling. The innovative design of the meat and seafood case means there are no forced air from fans, which would make the unit less energy efficient. Not only is energy conserved by not relying on fans to circulate the air, but food product also maintains its freshness with less drying.

Triple-Pane Glass

Borgen refrigerated cases use triple-pane insulating glass rather than double-pane glass to improve energy efficiency. Cases that use double-pane glass often require a heating element to prevent fogging, which wastes energy. The extra layer of triple-pane glass with an inert insulating gas maintains cold temperatures while sealing out moisture, eliminating the need for a heating element.  

LED Lights

Energy-efficient LED lights are standard in every Borgen display case, including the new meat case with DekFRESH technology. Incandescent bulbs and even CFL lights are shorter lived and less durable than LEDs. Additionally, retailers don’t have to worry about LED lights heating food products that are closer to the bulbs. Any heat generated by the LED is drawn away from the light source. Motion-sensitive LED lights are also available, conserving even more energy by activating only when a customer is present.

Powder Coat Paint

All refrigerated display cases made by Borgen Systems are coated with our in-house, environmentally friendly powder coat paint. Resisting rust, chipping, fading, and scratches, our powder coat paint is much more durable, not to mention sustainable, than liquid paint. Apart from being an environmentally friendly painting method, Borgen’s powder coat paint can be customized to match your brand’s colors.

Insulating Foam

Borgen Systems was one of the first manufacturers in the retail refrigeration industry to consistently use eco-friendly insulating foam in all its refrigerated display cases. The quick-drying foam is made from sustainable materials and seals each case from the inside, eliminating gaps in the structure. The fully-insulated case runs more efficiently and significantly reduces wasted energy.

Small, Sustainable Improvements Lead to Big ROI

If your store is thinking about upgrading its equipment, 2017 is the perfect time. Energy-efficient cases pay for themselves in five years at the most, and in some cases, you can see a return in less than three years. Supermarkets who opt for more sustainable equipment and practices support their customers, protect their environment, and generate better profit margins; it’s a win-win-win. Contact your Borgen representative today to get DekFRESH technology in your store.