As all retailers know, the success of a floral department relies heavily on repeat customer sales. Proper management, customer engagement and education, and cleanliness are the key ingredients to optimizing profitability; however, when time is of the essence and labor is in short supply, optimal sanitary practices are often pushed to the back burner. Even though floral buckets, work tables, cutters, and coolers should be cleaned and sanitized at least once a week, abiding by a thorough cleaning schedule is difficult for some departments to achieve. With Borgen’s fresh water exchange case, retailers can enjoy a refrigerated floral case that merchandises flowers beautifully while saving time and money.

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The fresh water exchange case reduces labor costs and allows employees to more thoroughly educate customers on proper plant and flower care.

Reduced Labor Costs

Refilling buckets and changing the water in vases is a time-consuming, labor-intensive task that can take hours each day. With the fresh water exchange case, the water automatically drains and is replenished with clean water for each individual vase as often as you like. The self-watering floral case is managed with a digital control panel, so scheduling routine fresh water exchanges is fast and easy. Because the floral department staff is spending less time replacing the water, they can allocate more time to interacting with customers, educating them on proper plant and flower care.

Decreased Shrink and Overhead

Earn more revenue from your inventory by reducing shrink with the fresh water exchange case. Because of the continuous fresh water supply, flowers are healthier and last longer than they would in a standard floral cooler. What sets Borgen’s fresh water exchange case apart from other self-watering cases is the individual vases. Other self-watering cases use troughs, which have the potential to spread bacteria and disease to other buckets. Borgen’s fresh water exchange case, however, utilizes individual vases to display fresh flower bouquets and bunches. While the fresh water exchange case significantly reduces the opportunity for bacteria to grow, separating each flower bouquet prevents the spread of disease should harmful microorganisms develop. Each vase has the appropriate water level for optimal freshness and helps prolong the flowers’ shelf life.

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The fresh water exchange case comes with Borgen’s custom-designed flower vases, which reduce the threat of spreading plant disease and increase the plants’ shelf life.

Minimized Direct Expense Costs

Some of the direct costs associated with floral departments include preservatives and plant food to extend the lifespan of plants and flowers. When coupled with a dosing system, the fresh water exchange case is designed to proportion clean water and deliver precise doses of preservatives based on water volume. The automated system eliminates errors from improper preservative and flower food dosage. When the preservatives are administered and managed accurately, Borgen’s fresh water exchange case can potentially increase the flowers’ shelf life for the consumer by three to five days.

Increased Profitability

With longer shelf lives both in-store and in the consumers’ homes, happy customers will keep coming back. Additionally, the fresh water exchange case helps sell more flowers by improving the consumer’s overall shopping experience. The cooler is integrated into the retailer’s space, showcasing flowers in stylish vases. Continuous fresh water exchange keeps the case and the flowers smelling clean and fresh by eliminating stem decay and stagnant water, which encourage more department sales by providing shoppers with a pleasant experience. The fresh water exchange case comes with Borgen’s renowned energy-efficient refrigeration so retailers can expand their overall profit margins.
A refrigerated floral case designed to merchandise flowers beautifully and save retailers money, the fresh water exchange case is the perfect addition to every floral department. With reduced costs, more employee – customer interaction, increased shelf life, and improved shopping experience, the freshwater exchange case promotes an ongoing relationship that benefits both retailers and their customers.