Gravity cases are becoming more and more popular for supermarkets and grocery stores to effectively merchandise fresh meat and seafood product. In gravity refrigeration, food is cooled through convection, with coils at the top of the case dropping cool air down to the product below. But not all gravity cases are created equal. Some display case manufacturers use fans in “gravity” cases to circulate the cool air, but this can lead to drying out the product. What makes Borgen’s Gravity+ case stand out among the rest is its precise execution of the gravity refrigeration concept. The Gravity+ display case from Borgen Merchandising Systems separates itself from the competition through energy efficiency, economic benefits, and ergonomic design.

Energy-Efficient Gravity+ Case from Borgen

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The Gravity+ refrigerated case from Borgen is perfect for meat product and seafood.

Borgen places cooling coils at the top and bottom of the case so that meat can be stored on both high and low shelves. If the air warms, it rises to the top of the case where it is cooled by the upper coils before descending to cool the product below. In true gravity convection fashion, the Gravity+ case from Borgen does not use any forced air to cool product. Without the fans, the case runs more efficiently and doesn’t dry out the food. The triple-pane glass also makes the case more energy efficient by helping to maintain consistent cold temperatures throughout the display case. Each Borgen gravity case is rigorously tested for the highest quality to ensure uniform cooling across every square inch of the case in various environments. Once the Gravity+ case has proven its consistent, energy-efficient performance in multiple humidity levels and external temperatures, the case is allowed to be delivered to the retailer. With high standards of quality and superb energy efficiency, the Gravity+ case from Borgen is one of the most sustainable refrigerated display cases on the market.

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Additional shelving space increases sale potential. With the Gravity+ design, steak sauce and marinades can be merchandised alongside fresh cuts of meat.

Economic Benefits of Borgen’s Gravity Case

Some of the direct economic benefits of Borgen’s gravity case include reduced energy costs and longer product shelf life. Because the Gravity+ case is so energy efficient, store owners and retailers save money on their energy bills and can enjoy larger profit margins. Additionally, retailers are able to sell more inventory since the meat and seafood product last a lot longer due to the case displaying the food at consistently cool temperatures without drying it out with forced air.

Indirect economic benefits of Borgen’s gravity case come from the system’s design. The Gravity+ case is larger, allowing space for an extra top shelf. Some retailers have taken advantage of this additional space by merchandising side dishes alongside steaks, ribs, and filets, thereby increasing sale potential. The case is also designed to provide a more enjoyable shopping experience for the customer overall. The front of the case provides better sight lines for shoppers to view the product and make their selections while the back of the case makes it easier for employees to interact with customers. Better sight lines and improved employee –customer interaction can also lead to more sales for retailers.

Ergonomic Design of the Gravity+ System

Meat and sea food prep station - Gravity case from Borgen

Higher food prep stations allow employees to remain engaged with customers while saving them strain from bending and stooping.

Borgen designs refrigerated cases not only for the customer’s shopping experience, but also for the ease and comfort of the retailer’s employees. The Gravity+ case has several ergonomic features to aid employee – customer engagement and make it easier for employees to serve their customers. The food wrapping station is positioned higher than gravity cases from other manufacturers so employees do not have to stoop and can maintain verbal and visual contact with shoppers. Oversized doors and the forward angle of the case allow employees to reach product at the front of the cooler with ease. The ergonomic design helps reduce stooping and strain for customers, too. Gravity+ is high enough for most shoppers to peruse the product without having to bend low or stand on tiptoes to see all the fresh food options retailers have to offer.


Efficiency, economics, ergonomics—these three benefits are just a few of the many reasons Borgen’s Gravity+ case is an integral part of a supermarket’s or grocery store’s refrigeration system. When gravity refrigeration is designed and executed by Borgen Merchandising Systems, retailers can rest assured that they will receive the highest quality and their customers will gain a better shopping experience.