A survey conducted by the National Retail Federation predicts consumers will spend $2.1 billion on flowers this Valentine’s Day. The February holiday accounts for one fifth of total flower sales for the entire year. As a retailer, in what ways are you prepared to serve 37.8% of shoppers who opt to buy roses and other flower arrangements for their sweethearts? The low profile pull-out case from Borgen may offer the perfect solution for your market.

The Challenge

Borgen Systems - floral merchandising pull-out case

Borgen’s low-profile pull-out case has drawers to display additional inventory, increasing merchandise capacity by one-third.

A national retailer approached us with the need to create a case that improves the visual merchandising display in order to attract consumers to their floral department. Retailers often need to allot more merchandising space to accommodate a higher volume of product, like red roses for example, during certain times of the year. Similar to many national as well as independent retailers, our client was having difficulty during the holiday seasons keeping up with product demand. Flowers were being sold faster than the inventory could be restocked, and while the increased flower sales were great for business, the client was concerned about the impact on prospective customers. Large gaps in the merchandising display failed to draw customers in. Shoppers perceived holes or empty spaces as lacking selection, and they shied away from the remaining flowers in the sparsely-stocked case, believing they were diseased or of a lower quality.

The Solution

Borgen Systems - floral display case

The pull-out drawers can be tucked away in this Borgen low-profile floral case to maintain a full, beautiful flower display to attract more customers.

Borgen’s innovations are often inspired by our clients’ needs, and the low profile pull-out case is no exception. This case is designed to expand capacity by one third, making it ideal for holidays like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day when floral displays are at their prime. The drawer easily glides out to make room for additional flower arrangements, showcased in custom vases that are also designed by Borgen. As customers purchase product, the flowers can be rearranged and the drawer quickly tucked in to maintain the fullness and beauty of the display. The visual appeal coupled with the open low profile design ensure there are no obstacles between consumers and products, which provides a pleasant shopping experience and encourages customer engagement. What began as a custom floral display for a major retailer is now one of many diverse display cases perfect for retailers of all sizes. As always, Borgen customizes each case to suit the space, the retailer’s needs, and the consumer’s needs.

If the low profile pull-out case is the ideal solution for your floral department, contact a sales rep today. The floral case may not be delivered before this year’s Valentine’s Day, but Mother’s Day is still three months away!

Custom Display Cases

Each display case is a story about a relationship with a client.

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