Introducing the newest technology from Borgen Systems: the Service Over Self-Service Case. This hybrid cooling system features a closed glass service case on top and a customer-accessible self-service case below. Here are few reasons this case may be right for your business:

Grocery Store Department Versatility

The unique arrangement of the Gravity Over-Under Case gives you as a retailer the flexibility to use it in the department that best suits your needs. Though designed with meat and fish departments in mind, this case would also be a great addition in deli departments to store meats up top and prepackaged items below.

The case also makes an attractive option for bakeries to display their more delicate creations behind glass while offering an assortment of cakes and pies for customers to easily select without employee assistance. The case’s compact model makes it a viable option for businesses tight on floor space – you can even switch how you utilize the case depending on seasonal demand.

Service Over Self-Service


Gentle Cooling on Top

The advantage of gravity coil cooling on the top service case is that its fanless, quiet air cools delicate items like sliced meats and cheeses without drying them out. The bottom portion does employ fans to circulate cool air.

Grab-and-Go Access

The bottom half of the case features an open refrigerated self-service bin. This gives your customers grab-and-go access to prepackaged meats, pre-made sandwiches, bakery items as well as canned or bottled drinks.

Clean With Ease

The case’s glass front tilts up for easy cleaning, but stays secure during service. Employee-facing back door sliders can be removed, sanitized, and replaced without hassle.

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Versatility in Back

The back lower section of the case comes with open shelves in the base model, or an optional cooled storage compartment with two additional slider doors.

Whether you need a case for your meat, seafood, deli, or bakery department, the Service Over Self-Service case gives your employees ease of service behind the counter and your customers quick product selection below.  

At Borgen Systems, we pride ourselves in our adaptable, efficient, and cutting edge commercial refrigeration cases. Contact one of our representatives today to request a quote or discuss your product refrigeration and display needs.