Whether we’re aiming to increase energy efficiency, improve ergonomics for employees, or expand product storage, Borgen Merchandising Systems is always innovating. But what many people may not realize is that our inspiration comes from our valued customers. Our engineers and craftsmen are problem-solvers and opportunity-seekers. So when one of our clients presents a new idea for a floral display or deli/bakery case to improve their customers’ shopping experience or their overall bottom line, Borgen is up for the challenge. Below are some of our favorite stories about our client-inspired display case and merchandising system innovations.

17-Door Floral Merchandising Display

SW WOD W Hollywood 017

This custom floral display case is a 17-door flower cooler for a retailer in Hollywood who wanted to use their unique storefront to attract customers to their floral department.

The Challenge: A retailer was renovating and expanding its space on Hollywood Boulevard. They wanted to create an inviting storefront that showcased their flower arrangements, but the flowers had to be in a case that would keep the flowers healthy while conserving space indoors.

The Solution: Borgen utilized the storefront glass windows and incorporated them into the design of the custom-built floral display. With 17 doors, Borgen Merchandising Systems delivered a refrigerated display that spanned the length of the entire storefront window. Glass shelves are suspended with durable, inconspicuous cables so customers are drawn to the beautiful flowers without being distracted by the case’s structure. This flower case was integrated seamlessly into the store’s flow to optimize space for the retailer’s products and to enhance the customers’ shopping experience.

Uniform Cooling Supermarket Freezer

The Challenge: A national wholesaler was experiencing problems with their refrigerated cases and freezers. These cases did not cool grocery items uniformly and were leaking large puddles into the aisles. This client needed a refrigerated system with consistent cooling and energy efficiency while maintaining the cleanliness of the space and the safety of its customers.

The Solution: The refrigerated cases and freezers Borgen crafted solved both these issues through precision and efficiency. Strategically placed coils cool product uniformly while eliminating warm spots. The triple-pane glass reduces cost because there is no heat element to keep fog off the doors. And with Borgen’s eco-friendly insulating foam, there are no gaps in the case’s structure–no gaps means zero leaks.

P6578_6ft Bakery_Raley's Bel Air #337_3

The small portion bakery case from Borgen allows retailers to display more merchandise in a single, low-maintenance refrigerated case.

Small-Portion Bakery Case

The Challenge: Wanting to appeal to more health-conscious patrons, a California bakery needed to feature small-portion pastries and desserts alongside their larger cakes and pies in a single, low-maintenance case.

The Solution: Drawing from our Gravity+ design, the Borgen team created a new bakery case by adjusting the height to include a top shelf that showcases smaller dessert portions. The Borgen refrigerated system stores more product, captures customers’ attention, and is easy for employees to clean and maintain.

Self-Contained End Cap Case

The Challenge: Borgen was approached by a regional general store that wanted to offer more products to its patrons through end cap displays; however, the case could not be attached to the store’s piping and cooling system.

The Solution: Borgen created a fully self-contained end cap display case for the client. The product remains cold due to a condensing unit in the case for centralized cooling. The client has since requested more Borgen cases to be used in multiple locations.

Deli Cases — Salad Back Bar

P6662 P6640_12FT Inline Salad 6ft Salad Back Bar_Hy-Vee Quincy_5

This dual purpose salad bar has a fresh in-line salad bar for employees to interact with customers while they prepare food while the back bar displays pre-made items for shoppers who want fast, on-the-go service.

The Challenge: A Midwest retailer approached us after we designed deli cases for its grocery store. One of their employees had seen an interesting dual-purpose salad bar at a New York restaurant and wanted a similar product in their supermarket.

The Solution: The engineers at Borgen created a product that combined pre-made service with a self-service salad bar. Employees can prepare salads for customers at the in-line salad bar, with a food prep section for the employees to interact with customers as they prepare their food. The salad bar also has a back bar for pre-made salads and other deli items for shoppers who are on the go. The back bar conserves space while retaining visibility, and the client was very happy with the unique salad bar made especially for them and their customers.

Custom Refrigerated Cases

Every case Borgen designs is built for individual clients, their unique spaces, and their specific needs. As one of our sales representatives says, “Each display case is a story about a relationship with a client.” Thank you for learning about the stories behind some of Borgen’s innovations that were inspired by you.

Stay tuned for more merchandising case studies from Borgen Merchandising Systems.