Earlier this year, Borgen Systems’ Vice President Bill Carlson sat down with Grocery Headquarters to discuss how Borgen Systems has crafted and evolved its product line to meet the ever-changing needs of supermarket customers. In the 30 years Borgen Systems has been in business, it has expanded into a leading innovator and manufacturer of quality refrigerated cases and merchandising displays across multiple departments. Read on to learn more about how Borgen’s passion and precision drive the quality and ingenuity of its products.

What types of products or services is Borgen Systems known for?

Bill Carlson: Borgen Systems is a 30-year-old company that started in the refrigerated floral and specialty display business. Since that time we have branched out to other areas of merchandising display cases, including deli and foodservice, fresh meat, bakery, wine cellars and displays and soup and salad islands.

How Does Borgen Systems stand apart from others making similar displays?

Three main factors distinguish Borgen Systems from its competitors: our commitment to our customers, providing superior customer service, and consistently handcrafting top-of-the-line refrigerated cases and problem-solving merchandisers that attract customers.

Our passion for crafting the highest quality merchandise display cases has driven Borgen Systems to use only the finest materials in each of our products as well as the most advanced designs on the market. We strive to provide each of our customers with the best experience possible along with the best products and services available today.

At Borgen, we do not believe in cookie-cutter products. We are nimble and adaptable, creating specific merchandising systems for our retail customers and their unique circumstances. Some of our best cases were inspired by ideas that came straight from the customer.

Borgen Systems operates within the philosophy that precision improves quality and reduces cost. We do not cut corners and we never settle for anything less than perfection. Everything, from design and engineering to manufacturing and testing, is done in-house under one roof.

How have grocers merchandising and display needs changed?

Because of the pressure on margins, retailers have asked manufacturers to deliver cases that prolong product shelf life, improve merchandising options and maximize floor space while having lower installation and maintenance costs.

How does Borgen Systems help Retailers solve those needs?

We listen and spend time with store personnel from all levels of a department so that we can learn exactly what is important to them and invent solutions that meet both their needs and the customers they serve. By focusing on total life cost of the display case we can provide a solution and not a Band-Aid for the problem.

What are some of Borgen Systems newest innovations?

We have just introduced our DekFRESH technology Gravity+ cases for fresh meat and seafood. This innovative commercial cooling system can lower operating costs, extend product shelf life, reduce labor costs and raise your bottom line.

The Gravity+ display case with DekFRESH technology does not have the same structure grocers are accustomed to seeing in standard meat and seafood cases. Instead of a tank housing the cooling coils, the floor of the case has a built-in cooling system. This small change in technology grants retailers the power to improve food safety. Plus, our new refrigerator display case eliminates areas of possible food contamination. With no vents or hidden spaces for food particles to accumulate, risk for bacterial growth is significantly reduced.

What features can be expected on the next generation of displays and merchandisers?

We will see two features rise to the top in the coming years, both of which will help retailers create a customized look for their displays and merchandisers. We will see the availability of more flexible lighting solutions and more marketing options built into the cases.


This article originally appeared in the 2016 issue of Equipment, Design and Operations Handbook published by Grocery Headquarters. Used with permission.