Have you ever wondered just what goes into a deli and bakery display case from Borgen Merchandising Systems? While innovative designs and expert engineering are the skills required to craft a Borgen refrigerated case, they’re not what makes our cases stand out from the rest. What really drives our commercial refrigeration success are the merchandising needs of retailers and the consumer’s shopping experience.

Deli/Bakery Display Cases from Borgen

When we create a new deli or bakery case for our customers, here are just a few elements you can expect to find in our quality refrigerated systems:

Refrigerated cross-merchandising display case - cheese kiosk with wine

Another cross-merchandising display option is shown here, where a cheese kiosk is paired with wine, crackers, and cracker spread.

Custom Display Cases: No two retailers are the same. And even if you’re a retailer that’s part of a franchise, store traffic flow patterns and even product offerings will differ. The deli/bakery cases from Borgen are custom designed for your store, your products, and your customers.
Versatility: Depending on your preferences, our deli/bakery displays feature food-prep stations that combine service and self-service cases into one, seamless display case.
Food Safety Devices: Ensuring the health and safety of your customers and employees is a top priority. That’s why our deli and bakery cases offer consistent cooling and streamlined structures to minimize microbial growth. Sneeze guards are also a device that is being used more and more in deli and bakery departments to better protect the food product from airborne pathogens.
Product Focus: Borgen’s deli and bakery cases are designed to feature the product, not the fixture itself. The display cases will most certainly complement your grocery store or supermarket décor, and we offer many custom finishes, but the primary focus remains on attracting consumers to your product inventory and improving their overall shopping experience.
Cross Merchandising Capabilities: Borgen Merchandising Systems creates cases that are flexible enough to be grouped and cross merchandised. For example, lunch stations can be set up in your supermarket or deli for customers to select from the soup/salad bar, self-service deli case, and the dessert bakery cases all in one convenient location.

Deli Cases Designed for Retailers

Supermarket salad bar & soup island - Borgen Merchandising Systems

This soup and salad island was made specifically to feature this supermarket’s olive selection.

Because commercial refrigeration systems should be versatile and flexible, we call our deli display cases “snowflakes.” Salad bars and soup islands are particularly customized, so no two cases are alike. One retailer who wanted to offer more specialized customer service in the deli approached us with an idea for a salad bar. Combining pre-made display segment with self service, we created a dual-purpose salad bar. The back bar accommodates shoppers who are in a hurry and on the go, without compromising the full-service in-line salad bar employees use to prepare food for customers.

Bakery Displays for Retailers

Display cases in the bakery can be just as unique Deli cases. Over the years, Borgen Merchandising Systems has found that seemingly small tweaks in design translate to large gains for retailers. For a bakery in California, we designed the bakery case slightly taller, more comparable to our Gravity+ case for meat and seafood, to allow a top shelf featuring smaller dessert portions. For another retailer in Idaho, we slanted the front glass at an angle to open up sightlines and improve visibility of the product. By incorporating these subtle features into the case design, customers were more visually attracted to the Bakery department and more likely to make a purchase.

We strive to offer you the perfect solution for your unique store operation need. If your supermarket, Bakery or Deli department could use some cross merchandising or creative design tips, which fit your store perfectly, contact Borgen today!