Whether you’re opening a new supermarket or seeking to upgrade your equipment in a remodel or post acquisition, selecting the right refrigerated display cases for your store can be overwhelming. Borgen Merchandising Systems has a variety of unique products available for all store types and every shopper’s needs. We can even design a custom deli or bakery case just for you. Described in this article are common options available to you for your commercial refrigeration system that will help you during your decision process.

Display Case Options for the Deli and Bakery

Depending on the size and focus of your retail location, your Deli may comprise meat and seafood, gourmet cheeses, sandwiches, salads, soups, juice bars, sushi, and so on. The Bakery also needs refrigerated cases and freezers that attract customers’ attention and keep the desserts and baked goods fresh. This wide array of products demands display cases that are equally diverse. While the possibilities are endless with Borgen’s custom display cases, our most popular types of bakery and deli refrigeration systems are broadly categorized as self-service cases, service display cases, or cases with food prep stations.

Self-Service Deli / Bakery Cases

Self-serve deli cases are best for packaged merchandise and provide the ultimate convenience for your customers. Available in single or multi deck, inline or endcap displays, self-service cases accommodate a variety of product offerings that shoppers seek. Self-service deli and bakery cases are versatile, highly customizable, and often lead shoppers to make more impulse purchases due to their accessibility.

Self-serve deli display case from Borgen    Custom self-service refrigerated deli case

Service Cases

Service cases beautifully display fresh product and are made for premium customer service. These cases allow employees to engage with customers, answering questions and improving their overall shopping experience. Service cases are easy to clean and maintain, and the cases designed by Borgen always adhere to the highest standards of food safety. Departments offering service cases for meat and seafood, salad bars, and fresh bakery items drive more sales from full-service display cases.

Service refrigerated display case - 36 ft. Gravity case from Borgen     20 ft. straight deli service case by Borgen Systems

Food Prep Refrigerated Cases

Food prep refrigerated cases combine the best of self-service and service cases. With an open case facing shoppers allowing them to select pre-made items, this option also includes either a low or high food prep station for customers to interact directly with employees. Lower profile food prep stations are perfect for creating sandwiches and sushi; high profile food prep stations maintain better employee – customer communication. Both of these styles are designed to provide improved work station ergonomics for ease of cleaning and maintenance. Refrigerated rear storage capacity allows your staff to remain at the counter to greet and assist customers.

Deli case with low food prep sandwich station   Deli case with high food prep station

Choose the Best Refrigerated Display Case for You

It all comes down to your vision and your shoppers’ needs. Are you a retailer wanting to offer speed and convenience, customer service, or a little of both? Whatever you decide, you won’t go wrong with a case designed and built by Borgen Systems. We craft fixtures that are consistent with your grocery store’s brand identity and we make sure the cases integrate seamlessly into your space. The durability, efficiency, and quality of Borgen cases are unmatched by any other refrigerated display in the industry. If you’re curious about which type of commercial refrigeration system would be the best fit for your store or retail location, contact your local sales representative today.