American Flowers Week was established in 2015 to encourage a dialogue among farmers, policymakers, and the public about where their flowers come from. To celebrate and promote the origins of American-grown flowers, American Flowers Week aligns with the 4th of July.

Support Local Floral Farmers

One of the main purposes of American Flowers Week is to raise awareness of flower origins and to recognize the local farmers who grow a diverse selection for the flower trade. As more and more consumers become even more conscious of where their products are coming from—especially food and flowers—American Flowers Week organizer Debra Prinzing says it’s important to “celebrate American-grown flowers, as well as flower farmers…[and] floral designers whose ethos and intent inspires them to source domestically.”

Get Involved in American Flowers Week!

American Flowers Week isn’t just for farmers and floral designers. Anybody who grows, designs, sells, markets, or simply enjoys flowers can promote locally grown flowers. Flower shops, wholesalers, retailers, and individuals can all participate. Use the hashtag “#americanflowersweek” on social media to show your support and share photos of our beautiful American flowers!

As a manufacturer of floral cases, Borgen Systems takes great pride in maintaining the health and beauty of fresh-cut flowers. And since we design and build our flower cases right here in the United States, we fully support the farmers, sellers, and consumers who take pride in and fully appreciate local products.

Learn more about American Flowers Week at their website and download the USA Floral Coloring Map and floral data sheets.

Low profile flower case at Raley's from Borgen Merchandising Systems

Low-profile floral case from Borgen Systems showcases this retailer’s beautiful flowers. Learn more about American Flowers Week and celebrate locally grown flowers.