borgen-fareway kickoff 2

On Tuesday, September 26th, we at Borgen Systems had the honor of kicking off a new relationship with Fareway Stores. We are thoroughly excited to start a new chapter with another Iowa-based company that reflects the values of what it means to live in this state. Their dedication to friendly customer service, building relationships, and attention to detail is something that we at Borgen Systems can appreciate.

In a tradition that we enjoy celebrating with a lot of our new clients, we had members from Fareway, Borgen, and the Des Moines city government sign a DEKFRESH case before it gets sent off to one of their stores. This particular case will be heading to Harrisburg, South Dakota as of next week. We would like to thank Fareway President Reynolds Cramer, Des Moines City Councilwoman Christine Hensley, and everybody else who was able to join us for this special event. Cheers to a new relationship!

If your supermarket is looking for DekFRESH display cases, floral display coolers, wine cases, or deli display cases, contact us today! Our custom made cases can fit whatever needs your stores are looking for.